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Do you have youth and children's ministries?
Sure, it just looks a lot different than "modern" youth and children's ministry. We love kids of all ages! Do we have an official youth/children's minister? No. We have loving parents who seek to train their children in the truths of scripture.  back to top

What is Family Integration?
Even though the term "Family Integrated Church" seems rather new to most people these days, it's actually the way most Christian churches operated for the first 1,930 years of Christianity. It means integrating all ages into the worship services. There are multiple places in scripture, both Old and New Testaments, which deal with children and adults worshiping/hearing the word of God together. What you won't find in scripture are the modern concepts of nursery, kids church, youth ministry/worship services, contemporary and traditional services. Each of those divide the body of Christ. For a fuller explanation on why we believe age integration is crucial, please talk to our Pastor/Elder Cody Burris. You can find his email address on our website under contact us.  back to top

What do kids do during the worship service?
We encourage our families to stay together for the whole service. We know that having children in worship does create more noise and liveliness, but it is definitely worth the effort. Every parent in our community has opportunities to "parent in the pew", and we value those times because we believe it can produce life-long benefits. (We do have an area available for diaper changing, nursing, etc.) For example. Scott Brown says this: "There is great value for a very young child experiencing the deep and authentic worship of the church. Something is being transferred as they watch their fathers [and mothers] give of the family resources during the offering. As they grow up, their understanding will increase. Something is being transferred as they watch the adults "worship in spirit and in truth" (John 4:23). They don't get everything, but they can get something from observing the fervency and genuineness of the church's expression of love for God, dependence upon Him, and joy in Him. This is the value of having children in church. Children progressively understand what a parent and the wider church members love and appreciate. Year after year, their understanding builds. Year after year, the well is filling up. The cumulative effect of deep and significant thinking and activities is what we are looking for." We know very well that it is more challenging to keep the kids with you, but our community is very understanding because we believe in the great benefits it affords. We have suggestions to help you train your children to worship as well as sermon outlines designed for young listeners to actively particpate in the service.   back to top

Will I be asked to sign or give anything?
We do not pass an offering plate during the service, and we do not ask visitors to give anything. We want you to feel welcomed and hope that you enjoy getting to know the people of our church. In fact, guests are invited to join our potluck fellowship meal after the service so we can get to know you better and answer any questions you may have.  back to top

Do you have a dress code?
Yes we do! Not because we think we should, but because God has commanded it. Our dress "code" isn't a list of what you can and cannot wear, but rather a principle of modesty found in 1 Timothy 2:9-10. Dress should be orderly, proper, and modest and be consistent with the idea that clothing is meant to conceal not reveal. We should not dress in a way to attract attention to ourselves but to bring honor to the God that we serve.  back to top

What is your worship style?
We have a mix of contemporary worship choruses and traditional hymns. The lyrics for the music each Sunday are purposefully chosen to be God-centered, Biblically based, and reflective of spiritual truth. We do our best to conduct our worship services based on what we see in Scripture.   back to top

How do I become a member?
The first requirement for membership is salvation, for the church is the body of Christ. Those interested in being a member of our particular body of Christ would attend a pre-membership class and agree with/sign our membership covenant. We are not country club; we are not a cruise ship; we are a local body of Christ. We believe that joining a local body of Christ takes commitment, accountability, humility, and agreement doctrinally. We also believe that membership is Biblical.   back to top

What type of governing stucture does your church operate under?
We are an elder-led church. There are currently four elders who for the decision making body of the church. These men are held to the scriptural requirements for elders/overseers outlined in the New Testament. We also believe that deacons can be chosen when the need arises for them to serve. They too would have to meet the biblical qualifications outlined in the New Testament.   back to top

What kind of programs can you offer my family?
We intentionally are not a program-driven church. Thus you will find few programs on the calendar each month. We do have a number of ministry opportunities for you to consider which are almost all lay-led, meaning that a church member had a vision for a certain ministry and ran with their passion (nursing home ministry, father/son Bible study, marriage conference...etc.)  back to top

Are you associated with any denomination?
We are a non-denominational Bible church.  back to top

Should visitors bring food for the pot-luck lunch afte service each week?
Visitors are not expected to bring food for the lunch. Our members will take care of providing enough food for all to eat. If you ever do decide to bring food you might want to consider a crock-pot type meal that can be warming from 10:30-noonish.  back to top

Do I have access to the church budget and spending?
Members of CFBC upon request can certainly have access to financial information. In each of our Newsletters we report on the financial status of our church for the previous quarter and once a year we hold a church business meeting.  back to top

Coastal Family Bible Church
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